About Chessmile

Dentistry and Chess

Our patented designs were developed by Dr. Carolina Blanco. Dr. Blanco is an Orthodontist Entrepreneur, she is also a National and International Chess champion who received her dental training at the University of Carabobo in Venezuela. Her Orthodontics Specialist degree is from the University of Campinas in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Dr. Blanco has been representing her native country in international chess tournaments since she was 8 years old and has had the opportunity to visit more than 35 countries around the World, Dr.Blanco has won important National and international awards recognized by the world chess federation F.I.D.E., She holds the Woman’s International Master title(WIM) which is a very high level status obtained based on her great performance in chess competitions.

She claims that her inspirations and dreams in life stem from family and all the exceptional people that she has met during her life. She has combined the high competence of professional life with the high competition of sports keeping efficiency in both. She has always been interested in joining her two passions “Dentistry and Chess” in order to serve patients and pupils in a positive environment. We Invite you to visit her website www.drcarolinablanco.com

Chessmile Braces

What you need to know about Chessmile Braces
1.Can be worn by kids and adults in any phase of the Orthodontic treatment.
2.Are easy to clean up and make your treatment enjoyable.
3.Are available in three orthodontics prescriptions.

Ask your Orthodontist how you can get Chessmile Braces today!